Burundi Kibingo Honey

Burundi Kibingo Honey

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Continent: Africa

Country: Burundi

Region: Kayanza

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1805 Meters

Grade: 1

Cupping Notes: Citrus, Caramel, Floral


Burundi has a long lasting coffee tradition, growing in small family owned farms. The region of Kayanza from which this coffee comes from, is in the north of the country, near the border with Rwanda. Kayanza is mostly known for being the water source of the Nile river. A unique water that is used to process coffee cherries at all the neighbouring wet mills. Its high altitude, thousands hills, volcanic soils, and abundant rains offer the ideal conditions for the production of exceptional & very exotic coffee. This perfect growing condition allows for the most exceptional exotic coffees with floral citrus notes and heavy caramel, a perfect balanced profile.

Available in:

  • Whole Beans - 12oz
  • Grounds - 12oz